Crissy Broadcast – San Francisco

Crissy Broadcast, San Francisco from offscreen.

broad·cast adjective \ˈbrod-kast\ 1: cast or scattered in all directions

In October 2013, Crissy Field in San Francisco became a vast musical canvas as composer Lisa Bielawa’s massive, spatialized symphony unfolded, with hundreds of professional, student, and amateur musicians participating, including orchestras, bands, choruses, and experimental new music groups.

The musicians began in the center of the field and dispersed outwards over 55 minutes, coordinated only by synchronized watches and long-distance musical cues. Roving listeners took in the performance from many different points of view.

San Francisco, 2013

800 Musiker und Musikerinnen, teils Amateure und Profis, spielen eine Komposition der amerikanischen Komponistin Lisa Bielawa vor dem Panorama der Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Die legendären Fog Horns sind ein Teil der Komposition.